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Sacred Medicine Sanctuary began more or less with the development of the material now found on Kitchen Doctor and Dosha Balance, circa the early 1980s. The Mid-Life Tune Up Program came next. Little by little, we re-created historic herbal formulas, mainly intended for people suffering from cancer. It is time to retire. This site as well as several others are for sale to entrepreneurial individuals who are dedicated to carrying on the product line and work.

In the meantime, we do offer wholesale accounts for those who wish to market our products on their own sites. Inquiries are welcome. We are also able to facilitate private labeling of our own products.

People who are active in social media groups in which health issues are discussed can also consider recommending our products or marketing them directly to members of their social networks. We simply require that all applicable laws are followed and all statements made are truthful.

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Adrenal Exhaustion


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